Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where do we fit at MLA?

Are we going to try to have our own SIG at MLA or fit in with:
Libraries in Curriculum SIG whose mission focuses on library instruction in support of health sciences curriculum. Instruction is defined broadly to include medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, public health, physiology and other health profession schools. It includes problem-based learning, orientations, classes and courses taught by librarians, whether integrated into the curriculum or not. LiC
1. Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences related to library instruction
2. Facilitates communication and collaboration between instruction librarians


The Public Services Section whose mission is:
To foster communication, education, and professional growth and development among individuals who provide reference information, literature searches, interlibrary loan, circulation, and instructional services in health sciences libraries.

These are things to think about!

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kkerdo said...

There is a google group for the MLA Libraries in Curriculum. It does seem to fit with the LiME groups. The group met at MLA, but hasnt posted meeting minutes yet. The group is located: