Monday, May 11, 2009

LiME at SGEA in New Orleans

• Kathy Kerdolff and Molly Knapp of LSU Health Sciences Center Library – New Orleans presented a poster on information seeking behavior in medical students at SGEA, held in New Orleans April 2-4, 2009. The buzz this year was all about “interprofessional education”. Though Laura C. was unable to attend, she did set up a table for LiME members during breakfast roundtables. Kathy and Molly attended the table and were able to talk to several medical education professionals about the integration of library services into the curriculum. Everyone we spoke with had something positive to say about their librarians, so we must be doing something right! If you can swing it, the AAMC regional conferences are a great way to learn about hot topics & trends in medical education in a smaller setting. The SGEA 2010 is April 14-18 in Oklahoma City.
• Kathy Kerdolff is only 2 classes away from receiving MERC (Medical Education Research Certificate) certification. Our institution-wide Academy for the Advancement of Educational Scholarship began offering subsidized MERC classes as a benefit to members earlier this year. It has been a great way to expand our understanding of educational research methods & statistical analysis.
• At this very moment Molly Knapp is presenting a poster at MLA in Hawaii from 10-11am Tuesday May 19th, based on Kathy Kerdolff’s research with LSU’s 1st and 2nd year Medical students’ information seeking skills. Kathy and Molly currently have an institutional grant to develop an automated testing tool that will gauge medical student information retrieval skills, as well as students' ability to critically appraise and evaluate research studies. “Test the Test: a Pilot Study” is #66 at the MLA annual meeting.
• Finally, Kathy Kerdolff is working to collaborate with members of OUHSC to coordinate an online EBM instruction class.


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